Difference Between Fractional Distillation And Molecular Distillation.

Distillation is simply the process of separating two liquids that have different boiling points. This process happens whereby a mixture of two liquids is heated until the liquid with the lower boiling point attains its maximum temperature. Once this happens, these liquids will automatically vapourize, leaving the mixture. The distillation, in this case, has an … Read More

The Main Differences Between A Rotovap And Short Path Distillation

The rotary evaporators are devices that are used to efficiently remove a solvent from a sample under lowered pressure through the process of evaporation. Rotary evaporation is conveniently and most often applied to separating a low boiling solvent such as C6 hydrocarbon from solid compounds at room pressure and temperature. The rotary evaporators with a … Read More

Wiped Film Evaporator How It Works

A wiped film evaporator, also known as a molecular distillation is used to distill, concentrate, dehydrate or deodorize products which are sensitive to heat. It works using a thin film on a heated surface which separates a mixture of products with different evaporation points in the film as follows: First is the introduction of a … Read More

What Are The Designs Of Wiped Film Evaporator?

When the heated wall is used to transfer the materials, the process is called wiped film evaporators. The rotor blades agitate to keep the materials moving while it is separating them. The evaporation process is quick in time and it is something that is used in a variety of industries. Some of them include petroleum … Read More

Can Rotary Evaporators Remove Water?

Is it time to remove water from your mixture? This is easier said than done but that has more to do with what users are choosing to do. There is nothing worse than being in a situation where the water isn’t being removed efficiently. Keep things organized and make sure you are going with a … Read More

What Are Rotary Evaporator Food Recipes?

The Rotary Evaporator System provides chefs and home cooks with virtually unlimited possibilities to easily capture, concentrate, and infuse amazing flavors for use in recipes. The system utilizes a vacuum pump for the evaporation, distillation, separation, and purification of liquids to make excellent rotary evaporator food. The process involves reducing atmospheric pressure that allows liquids … Read More

Advantages of Rotary Evaporators

Rotary evaporators are common laboratory equipment, especially for separation purposes. They are used in many fields for their versatility, especially those that involve the use of solvents. Rotary evaporators are also known as rotovaps and are essentially reduced pressure distillations. It consists of a water bath, over which a round-bottomed flask with a solution is … Read More

How To Clean Rotary Evaporators Properly?

Rotary evaporators are unique when it comes to modern technology. These instruments are designed to deliver impressive results but only when they have been cleaned the right way. A lot of owners don’t know how to do this and end up doing the bare minimum when that is not enough. So, what should an owner … Read More

The Purpose Of A Rotary Evaporator

A rotary evaporator that also goes by the name of a rotovap is a type of device mainly used in different types of chemical laboratories that facilitate the gentle and efficient removal of one or more solvents from a sample through the process of evaporation. The main aim of distillation involves separating a mixture into … Read More

The Main Differences Between Distillation And Evaporation

The primary differences between each process are that distillation involves a process of separation, while evaporation involves changing the state of the matter. Both of these processes hold their own importance and are both used for different reasons. Evaporation is classified as one of the natural processes, while distillation is typically initiated by outside forces … Read More