Eyela Rotary Evaporator

Eyela is a company known to manufacture top quality evaporators. The company has been in business for long where they have been producing top quality evaporators. Use of the latest technology makes them among the best producers of evaporators which meet different needs. You can count on the company to realize the best results when … Read More

De Dietrich Glass Reactors

De Dietrich is a company known to offer a wide range of glass reactors. They manufacture top quality reactors. And the glass used to make the reactors is inert which makes the reactors effective in handling a wide range of chemicals. When chemicals are used in a reactor, they can corrode the walls. With the … Read More

Buchi Rotary Evaporator

Buchi is a company which has been producing top-quality lab equipment for long. For more than 8 years, they have been in the business of producing top quality products. It is among few manufacturers who have stood the test of time in producing top quality products. You can rely on them to realize the best … Read More

Schott Glass Reactor

Schott is a company known to make high-quality glass products. They make glassware such as glass reactors, flasks, glass bottles, and glass tubing. They use high-quality borosilicate glass which is a material highly effective in withstanding high temperatures and extreme conditions. Chemical reactions sometimes require controlled temperature and pressure. The glass flasks made by the … Read More

Steroglass Rotary Evaporator

Steroglass Srl is a company which specializes in manufacturing top quality rotary evaporator. The rotary evaporators are widely applied in the pharmaceutical industry to manufacturer chemicals among other applications. They are known to make high-quality products that have attracted customers from different walks of life. People would like to get top quality products which can … Read More