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Rotary Evaporator

Rotary evaporators are widely used in organic laboratories as they are known to perform such kind of tasks high-speed and efficient. A rotary evaporator has a water or oil bath which can be heated either in a crystallization dish or in a metallic container so that we can keep the solvent not to freeze during the process of evaporation. The solvent under vacuum is removed and trapped within the condenser then collected for reuse and disposal. In most laboratories, they use a very simple aspirator vacuum that uses water in the rotavaps, hence it is not useful for air and water sensitive material. Read more…

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Glass Reactor

Glass reactors are used in carrying out chemical reactions. By using additional glass gears, such as feeding vessels, refining strips, and condensers, as the necessary devices, Wkie Lab company produced the best glass reactors. Besides, this gear is assembled away from the standard components: you can adjust it effectively and instantly for any task. Also, the use of standardized stock components provides quick access. Read more…

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Molecular Distillation

Molecular distillation is a short-term vacuum distillation, depicted by incredibly low vacuum pressure, 0.01 Tor, which is performed using molecular static. And, it is a procedure for dividing, cleansing, and converging common elements, compound, and thermally sensitive atoms, for example, nutrients and polyunsaturated fats. A temporary show of the distillate describes this procedure to high heats in a high vacuum. The distillation section is used at a short distance between the evaporator and the condenser about 2 cm. Read More…

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Having Founded for more than 60 years, Wkie Lab always sticks to the principle of “Premium Quality, Thoughtful Services and Unremitting Innovation.”

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Wkie Lab has built cooperation relationship with over 200 studies and manufacturers, from China to the world.

Labortory Supplies Sold

Until now, Wkie Lab has sold over 50000 experiment instruments. Wherever you go, you can always see the equipment from Wkie Lab.

Premium Quality

All the instruments of Wkie Lab are made of the best materials. They are durable and reliable. Just use them, and they will not let you down

Attentive Service

Wkie Lab company provides you with the trusty in-sale and after-sale service. Whenever you meet problems, you can call Wkie Lab, and your problems will be solved quickly.

Fast Delivery

Wkie Lab company is shipping fast. The goods will be sent soon after receiving the orders. Reliable packable of us eliminates the possibility of damage on devices in shipping. 

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"Excellent manufacturer! Every time when I cooperate with Wkie Lab, I never worry about the quality of the products. They always provide me with the best instruments. By the way, they have the fastest delivery speed."
"The first day when my friends and I started our pharmaceutical factory, we began to order the equipment of Wkie Lab. And they never let me down. With their help, our business develops smoothly. With no doubt, we will order Wkie Lab instrument continuously."
John Doe
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
"Actually, I am a reagent producer. And I have cooperated with Wkie Lab for many years. Thanks to the help of Wiki Lab, the reagent produced by us can always have pretty good purity. So, thanks a lot, Wkie Lab. Hoping we can cooperate more in the future!"
Reagent Producer
"I am a postgraduate, majoring in chemistry. Several years, I usually the instrument of Wkie Lab. I have to say, they are really helpful. They help me save a lot of time, helping me acquire better experiment consequences. I have to say, their equipments are reliable."

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Molecular Distillation

We have sold over 500 molecular distillations to Canada. From studies to factories, there are a lot of people using our products in Canada.

Glass Reactors

Wkid Lab glass reactors have built fixed cooperation with 30 manufacturers, from chemistry to pharmaceutical. Wkie Lab glass reactors have been sold worldwide.

Rotary Evaporator

Studies from all over the world are using Wkie Lab rotary evaporators. Wkie Lab rotary evaporators win their trust by high-quality and reasonable price.

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