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Rotary Evaporator

Rotary evaporators are widely used in organic laboratories as they are known to perform such kind of tasks high-speed and efficient. A rotary evaporator has a water or oil bath which can be heated either in a crystallization dish or in a metallic container so that we can keep the solvent not to freeze during the process of evaporation. The solvent under vacuum is removed and trapped within the condenser then collected for reuse and disposal. In most laboratories, they use a very simple aspirator vacuum that uses water in the rotavaps, hence it is not useful for air and water sensitive material. Read more…

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Glass Reactor

Glass reactors are used in carrying out chemical reactions. By using additional glass gears, such as feeding vessels, refining strips, and condensers, as the necessary devices, Wkie Lab company produced the best glass reactors. Besides, this gear is assembled away from the standard components: you can adjust it effectively and instantly for any task. Also, the use of standardized stock components provides quick access. Read more…

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