De Dietrich Glass Reactors

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De Dietrich is a company known to offer a wide range of glass reactors. They manufacture top quality reactors. And the glass used to make the reactors is inert which makes the reactors effective in handling a wide range of chemicals.

When chemicals are used in a reactor, they can corrode the walls. With the glass lining, it is possible to carry out chemical reactors that involve harsh chemicals but they will not damage the reactor wells. The company is known to make a wide range of glass reactors which meet a wide range of needs. The glasses are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Hot De Dietrich Glass Reactors

1.De Dietrich Universal Glass Reactors

The universal reactors have walls lined with borosilicate glass. The glass is used to synthesize quantities which are large for lab scale. You will find the reactor widely applied in industrial applications among other areas where large scale production of products is carried out. They are highly resistant to the chemical reaction. You can have a controlled environment where different chemical reactions are carried out. The company manufactures a wide range of reactors which costumers order from different parts of the world. You can as well order the reactors for your industrial applications. They are built to meet the highest standards.

2. De Dietrich Glass Bioreactors

Their reactors come in different sizes, 5-liter to 20-liter reactor. The glass reactor is mainly used to carry out cell culture experiments. In biological reactions, cells are subjected to different conditions to monitor their behaviors. You will find the bioreactors very helpful in controlling cell multiplication among other biological experiments. De Dietrich is known to deliver top quality glass reactors where biological experiments can be cared out. Cells are subjected to the right conditions in the reactors after which they are studied.