20L Glass Reactor

20L glass reactor is suitable for moderate chemical reactions and laboratory applications, as it is sufficiently spacious. Its capacity is undoubtedly spacious enough to handle moderate kinds of reactions. And our expose below endeavors to shed more light on its details.

20L glass reactor definition

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The Features of 20L Glass Reactor



20Liter Glass Reactor Features

Dual Jacketed Model

Most 20-liter glass reactors are fashioned along with the dual-jacketed model. Thanks to this model, it is possible for you to draw in some vacuum from the outer jacket. In this way, you get to protect the recirculation of the fluid temperatures to give you the best controls over your working.

Solvent-resistant PTFE Sealing

All the joints are tightly sealed using the solvent-resistant PTFE seals. Being tough and impervious, the seals block off any possibility of any fluids escaping in the course of a reaction. At the same time, they also allow for prolonged operations and use. This way, they also give you the peace of mind you need.

High Borosilicate Glass

At its core is the food-grade high-borosilicate glass makeup. This kind of glass is naturally resistant to corrosion, cold, and heat. As such, it guarantees all-round applications which further expedites the reactions of many chemical activities. Owing to the strong stature of the glass, the glass reactor is similarly long-lasting.

Stainless Steel PTFE Stirrer

To further make it possible for you to mix the ingredients thoroughly, the reactor does come along with a stainless steel PTFE stirrer. This one is both rugged and reinforced for added strength. Drawing from these two vital traits, the stirrer is able to mix even the most viscous materials perfectly well.

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The Specifications of WKIE Lab Glass Reactors

Power220V or 110V/50-60Hz
Jacket Volume6L8L10L12L16L18L23L
DischargePTEE(Teflon) bottom discharge valve
Stirring Speed(rpm)0-450rpm0-450rpm0-450rpm0-450rpm0-450rpm0-450rpm0-450rpm
Stirring Power90W90W120W120W120W200W750W
AgitatorAnchor design,304 stainless steel coated with reinforced PTEE Agitor material can be customized as client' requirement
FunnelPressure equalizing
Number of Necks6666666

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The Applications of 20L Glass Reactors

20L glass reactor usage

The Applications of 20L Glass Reactors in Laboratory


20L glas reactor in laboratory

1. Odor Removal

Its primary purpose in the laboratory is to remove odors. The primary reason for this is that the reactor does have an oil-gas separator collecting system. It is this one that sets the odor apart from the solution to make your resultant end product devoid of any harsh odors.

2. De-coloration

Have some color in your solutions? The 20-liter glass reactor yet again has the ability to stuff it out. A combination of the oil-gas separator collecting system and pipe condensation enable this feat to be achievable. They jointly purify the solutions to eliminate any colors which may be present therein.

3. Facilitation of Synthetic Reactions

Want to undertake some synthetic reactions? Count on this apparatus to do that for you! Thanks to its jacketed glass reactor, this apparatus is able to allow for the reactions of diverse materials. This is a feat it achieves mainly by putting in place a vacuum and controlled temperature environment.

4. Recover Material and Products

Lastly, you may make use of this reactor to recover some products and materials. It does have a built-in condenser whose role is to convert the hot gas into liquids. For this reason, the glass reactor is indeed well able to separate mixtures of fluids. You have it for your consideration if your work entails some distillation.

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The Applications of 20L Glass Reactors in Chemistry


20 Liter glass reactor in chemistry

1. Introducing New Materials

Some chemistry applications may require that you introduce new materials in the mix. Very few laboratory apparatus may allow this one though. Thankfully, the 20-liter glass reactor has the ability to do just that. It does this job by way of furnishing controlled and uniform speeds.

2. Expedite the Synthetic Reactions

Want to undertake some synthetic reactions? You have this glass reactor yet again for your own use. By its sheer stature and makeup, it expedites the synthetic reactions accordingly. It does this one chiefly by way of putting in place a vacuum and controlled environments.

3. Large Scale Peptide Synthesis

Peptides play the role of building proteins and amino acids. They may be synthesized without necessarily having to rely on the natural means of doing so. It is these 20-liter glass reactors that may do that. They do facilitate filtrations and multi-step reactions to make this a possibility.

4. Stirring Mixtures

Lastly, the reactors can also stir mixtures thoroughly. It makes use of optional multi-layer stirring blades. Through stirring the mixtures, the reactor gives rise to optimal reaction outcomes. These bring about some added benefits of excellent results which similarly endure the test of time. In this way, you also spend less time to do the job.

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The Applications of 20L Glass Reactors in Pharma


20 Liter glass reactor in pharma

1. Controlling Reaction Temperatures

Perhaps the most significant role of this apparatus in the field of pharmaceuticals is to control the temperatures of reactions. This it does principally through the thick walls of the glass makeup. It is this one that keeps all cold away and retains every heat inside. The arrangement also minimizes any external interferences.

2.Heating and Cooling Fluids

The typical pharmaceutical activity entails the use of fluids. These fluids have to be hot or cold to a certain degree or measure. Yet again, the 20-liter glass reactor plays the role of heating and cooling the fluids to the desired temperatures. In this way, it expedites the reactions that ensure from these fluids.

3. Stabilizes the Flow of Heat

Other than heating and cooling the fluids, the apparatus also stabilizes the flow of heat. A jacket exists whose primary role is to regulate the exchange of heat between the fluids which circulate in the reactor. This is further complemented with the hard wall of the vessel which traps every heat inside to prevent any escape.

4. Creating Vacuum-like Conditions

It also has the ability to create some vacuum-like conditions. These ones reduce the boiling points of fluids to cut down the time needed to boil the fluids accordingly. Further, the vacuum-like condition also reduces the utility bills which you would otherwise accrue when handling this role with alternative gadgets.

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Kindly note that the roles that the 20-liter glass reactor may play are not limited to the above. Indeed, this apparatus finds applicability outside the three main areas listed above. It may be utilized for food processing, in industry, and for general purposes. The onus is on you to find out where else you might need it.

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