Steroglass Rotary Evaporator

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Steroglass Srl is a company which specializes in manufacturing top quality rotary evaporator. The rotary evaporators are widely applied in the pharmaceutical industry to manufacturer chemicals among other applications. They are known to make high-quality products that have attracted customers from different walks of life.

People would like to get top quality products which can assure them value for money. The fact that the company has invested in the latest technology, making them stand out from the rest. The rotary evaporators available at the company come in different sizes. You can choose to form the different sizes so that you can have the perfect which can work well for your given application.

Hot Models of Steroglass Rotary Evaporators

Steroglass Srl company makes several products. You will find the right evaporator, which will work well for your given purpose upon ordering from the company. Some of the top products you can get from the company are listed below:

1. Rotary Evaporator Strike 20

The rotary evaporator is designed for industrial applications as well as R&D purposes. All the apparatus made by the company are tested to ensure they are safe. You can expose the evaporator to different applications, but it will still function well. Use of borosilicate glass makes the evaporator very reliable. You can expose it to various applications, but it will still serve you well. Value for money is realized due to the great design of the evaporator. It is among the few evaporators which are built to achieve the highest quality possible.

The strike 20 comes with several features that make it a great addition to any application. For example, with an effective evaporation flask, you will accomplish different tasks perfectly. An automatic system in the unit works very well in lowering heat. You will have full control of the heating operation upon buying the evaporator. It is among few evaporators built to allow you to accomplish the perfect chemical reactions. A rupture disk provided makes it easy to avoid accidents. A clear display allows you to have full control of the heating process. You will always realize value for money upon buying the evaporator.

2. Rotary Evaporator Strike 100

The strike100 is a large capacity evaporator which is built to serve large scale production. It can be applied in both laboratory settings as well as in industrial applications. Use of borosilicate glass and the PTFE materials allows for easy handling of aggressive materials. All the features incorporated in the evaporator aims at making it safe to set up. You will always feel proud of handling the evaporator due to its excellent design. It comes with different sections such as the heating bath, sealing system, pressure and temperature control, among others. The evaporator is meant for used in allege scale production. Most of the parts are manufactured to meet the highest standards so that you can enjoy peace of mind at all times as you handle the evaporation process.

It works perfectly in the recording parameter as you experiment. You can use it to measure real-time temperature; reactions peed, vacuum reading setting, among other parameters you need to monitor as you carry out the tests. It is a unit which can work well under a wide range of applications. For example, it can work in areas such as distillation, solvent recycling, reflux process reactions, component drying, fine chemical synthesis, crystallization, purification, among other processes. Its large size makes it highly effective when handling different types of chemicals.

3. Rotary Evaporator Strike 300

steroglass rotary evaporator strike 300

It is a rotovap which employs the highest level of safety standards. The manufacturers took into consideration the need to have a safe apparatus for the processing of the chemicals on a large scale. It works well in controlling the vacuum evaporation process. You can count on the unit to realize the perfect results as you work ion the evaporation process. The use of the latest technology in making the evaporator makes it stand out. Features such as the high-quality flask assembly, sealing system, and the safety seal make it among the best evaporators you can choose to realize the perfect performance at all times.

Due to its large size, it comes with an automatic lifting and tilting system. Most of the operations of the evaporator have been automated to make the whole process of controlling the unit easy. It is an evaporator which you can buy in any given period of time, and it will assure you the best performance. All the parts have been tested to ensure they meet the highest quality.