Types of Reactors Used In Pharma

Reactors are transparent types of equipment that aid industries in the production of pharmaceuticals, polymers, and chemicals. Other uses would also include product mixing, batch distillation, and crystallization. For any manufacturing company, a reactor plays quite an essential role. These vessels have strong glass walls that protect the interior contents from any outside contact, therefore, ensuring strong reactions of substances. In the pharmaceutical industry, the below reactors can be very efficient for better productivity.

Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor. CSTR

Commonly abbreviated as CSTR, a continuous stirred tank reactor primarily serves to make estimations of the units used in the significant operations. Fortunately, this is efficiently enabled by the integration of a constantly agitated tank reactor to ensure high levels of output. This type of reactor has a high level, capacity to handle chemicals, and facilitating many reactors, therefore making it the most common type of reactor used in the pharmaceutical field.

However, although this reactor is quite efficient, it is also cumbersome in the way of operating. The user will need to have full knowledge before using it. The cost of purchasing it is even more as compared to the reactors.

Batch Glass Reactor.

types of reactors in pharma

In the pharmaceutical industry, the batch glass reactor is the simplest of them all in terms of functionality and design. However, these features do not limit their ability to perform effectively. Batch glass reactors can work in conjunction with any kind of gears at any given time.

Therefore meaning the machine has the potential to be productive by receiving all materials until when it attains its full capacity. Applications that aim at producing in small scales will be more efficient if they use this type of reactor. Also, since they are not sophisticated in design, they give the user an easy time to operate, and even beginners can learn the operation mode in a short period.

Moving Bed Reactor.

There is a type of reaction in the pharma, which generally involves the separation of substances from chemical compounds. This type of application will solely be active with the use of a moving bed reactor.

Also, this type of reactor is quite cost-effective as it can provide sufficient quantities of enriched materials without using so much energy and time. Therefore if your aim is the elimination of impurities from solutions, then this is the type of reactor to use.

Tubular Reactor.

This type of reactor comes in a tube-like shape, just as the name suggests. It comes with an inbuilt vessel which aids in the continuous flow of materials essential for productivity. Nevertheless, the reactor is quite efficient as it can process all types of substances within the same period regardless of the size or weight.

Packed Bed Reactor.

A packed bed reactor is a type of vessel made in the shape of a tube. This tube comes when it is full of catalyst particles to aid in the speeding up of a variety of reactions. The primary component of response in this vessel is gas. The available reactors help in the provision of sound surfaces for the chemical reactions to take place. This type of reactor is quite convincing as compared to all the others as it can withstand massive conversions weight due to the way of its physical appearance.

Fluidized Bed Reactor.

This type of reactor accommodates the use of liquid in its reaction processes. The reactor type of structure appears in a way that the relevant fluid passes through some granulated materials at a very high speed. This action enables the substances to flow smoothly, just like any other liquid. Therefore it is beneficial in experiments that have their materials suspension around water masses. However, due to the complex nature of the reaction, this type of reactor will require quite some extra attention or rather an expert who is conversant with all the operations.

The reactors, as mentioned above, are all useful in the pharmaceutical industry since they all perform different tasks. However, before you settle to purchase one check on your intended purposes of the prospect gadget. Other general features to consider will be the level of heat resistance and transparency of walls.

Also, since most of the chemicals used are quite reactive, you will need a guarantee that there will be no leakages and the level of heat transfer in the reactor to be very efficient and flow in an organized manner.