Thin Film Evaporator Theory

A thin-film evaporator or wiped film evaporator, there is a wiper system that is rotating at all times. This rotating system allows the product to be distributed to a film. The film is located on a heated pipe along the inner surface. When the evaporation process is occurring, the wiping system will speed up. This allows for a mass transfer and heat transfer that is optimized to the fullest extent.

What Are The Advantages Of The Thin Film Evaporator Theory?

The advantages are plentiful for the thin film evaporator theory. The industries that utilize it will benefit from its use. They can use it for testing and other experiments to see if they can get their goals accomplished in a quicker way. Here are just some of the advantages to the thin-film evaporator theory:

thin film evaporator how it works

1. It Is A Continuous Process

The whole process continues. This allows for the documentation of results to be forthcoming when a company decides to use it for their needs.

2. Requires Low Operating Pressures

The pressure can be low for its use. This is highly beneficial in many instances when it is being used by certain industries to find out the results that they are looking for.

3. Short Duration

It does not take long for the thin-film process to take place. Since there is not a long period of time from the beginning to the end, there is not a lot of downtimes that have to be dealt with when business needs to be attended to.

4. There Is A High Evaporation Rate

For companies that are using the thin-film evaporator process, they will find that there is a high evaporation rate. This allows them to tend to the findings that they are looking in a short period of time.

5. Processing Is Great

A company will be able to use high-viscosity, crystallizing products, and high-boiling by using this process. Of course, this can be used to speed up the results and they will have what they are looking for in a much quicker timeframe than with other processes.

6. Can Increase Number Of Plates

They will be able to use a combination of columns. This will give them the opportunity to increase the number of plates whenever it is possible for them to do so.


In all probabilities, companies that use the thin-film evaporator process will find that it is relatively easy to do to find the results that they are looking for. Since this helps them with the production of their products, it can make their work go so much smoother. From time to time, they will find that the testing that they can do with this process will give them a variety of ways to deal with problems that they are experiencing. By experimenting with this process, they can find solutions to the problems that they need to deal with. Having the ability to use this is something that will benefit them now and well into the future of their company.