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A rotary evaporator is a piece of valuable working equipment used in various chemical laboratories when manufacturing solvents. The rotary evaporators are also standard in schools when students are carrying out multiple experiments with chemicals. These chemical devices come in different sizes and are measured in liters. The large manufacturing industries, such as medicine industries, use large rotary evaporators of up to 50 liters or more. These working instruments work fast than other evaporation devices in the removal of solvents, and that is why they are highly recommended. In this article, we are going to discuss what a WKIE LAB rotatory evaporator is, the applications, and also different types of rotary evaporators.

Rotary Evaporator Manufacturer – WKIE LAB

wkie lab rotovap

WKIE LAB is a professional rotary evaporator manufacturer from China. Apart from high-quality rotovaps, WKIE LAB also produces other excellent lab equipment, such as glass reactors, molecular distillation, and so on.

Since the construction, WKIE LAB company is always committed to providing our customers with the best and most satisfying equipment. And to make this goal come true, we have built our own professional professor team and modernized factory. Until now, we have built durable cooperation with organizations, universities, and companies from over 70 countries. All the people who have had used WKIE LAB equipment would praise the high-quality products and excellent after-sale service.

Thus, if you purchase equipment like rotary evaporators from WKIE LAB, the is nothing for you to worry about, and you can always accept the best services from us. By the way, the products from WKIE LAB always come with the most cost-effective prices.

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What Is A WKIE LAB Rotary Evaporator?

In simple words, a rotatory evaporator is a chemical device used to remove solvents from samples using the method of evaporation. This practical laboratory tool works by reducing the volume of the solutions, whereby it distributes it as a thin film across the interior vessel. The process of evaporation using a rotary evaporator happens at high heat and low-pressure setting. The smallest rotatory evaporator, which is mainly used for simple evaporation tasks, maybe in school measures around 2 liters. But, the commercial rotary evaporators used in large plants measures from 20 liters to 50 liters.

Rotary Film Evaporator

WKIE Lab rotary evaporator

Rotary Film Evaporator With Motor Lift

rotovapor with motor lift

Rotary Film Evaporator With Hand Lift

rotary evaporator with hand lift

The Principle of WKIE LAB Rotary Evaporator

the principle of wkie lab rotary evaporator

The principle of the rotary evaporator is that the boiling point of the used solvent should be high or is elevated, whereby it, in return, reduces the pressure. This is crucial since the process helps the solutions to evaporate evenly at low pressure. However, during the condensation process, the rotary evaporator works at reduced temperatures. Here are several parts required for this process to be completed effectively.

  • You need to equip a vacuum system when carrying out the evaporation process.
  • The vacuum controls the temperatures and the pressure of the device.
  • The other equipment part required is a condenser’ A condenser is needed since it helps to convert the collected gas from the experiment back to liquid form. Note that a condenser is always placed at the other end of the vacuum.
  • To facilitate the cooling process, one is required to equip cooling accessories such as ice, water, or even liquid nitrogen.

The evaporating vessel works in a rotational mode and at high speed to increase the surface area for the liquid to be converted to gas. The high speed helps to keep the liquid stuck on the surface of the vessel for the efficient and fast evaporation process.

Types of WKIE LAB Rotary Evaporator

5l Rotary Evaporator

wkie lab 5L rptary evaporator

Rotary evaporators, especially the large capacity models, are quite expensive. Therefore, if you want to get a quality and reliable rotary evaporator for industrial use, be prepared to spend a large amount of money. The cost of a 5-liter evaporator range from 1000 to 5000 dollars. Most of the 5-liter rotary evaporators are tabletop models and suit people who need a useful evaporator that can carry out evaporation processes without taking much space in the working area.

Features of a 5l Rotary Evaporator:

  • They feature a smaller design thus assembling them and dissembling is easy
  • They have a high evaporation efficiency and a high recovery rate
  • Highly non-corrosive
  • They have specific digital PID temperature and speed control.
  • They feature direct injection capacity for convenience when adding solvents
    They feature small design to fit on tabletops

10l Rotary Evaporator

10L rotovap

These are quite large and fit in large scale manufacturing industries. The cost estimate of the 10 L rotatory evaporator ranges from 2000 dollars and above. These sizes of rotary evaporators are suitable for carrying out large-scale evaporation, distillation, or separation of chemicals. It consists of other parts such as a vacuum pump, a chiller, and the vessel

Features of 10l Rotary Evaporator:

  • It has a 10 Litre detachable flask and 5-liter collecting flask
  • These evaporators have glass condensers and collecting bottle
  • They feature a double sealing of rubber and polythene
  • The container used in the experiment are non-corrosive
  • They are versatile since they can be used for evaporation, distillation, and separation processes.

50l Rotary Evaporator

50L rotovap

This is one of the largest rotary evaporators and mainly used in commercial laboratories and chemistry research literature. It is quite expensive since the cheapest 50-liter evaporator cost around 4000 dollars.

This rotary evaporator consists of one 50 liter flask, 15 to a 20-liter container, motor, condenser, pressure, and temperature controller. Note that these sizes of evaporators are stand-alone and massive in size. Therefore, they take up large working spaces, and thus, you may need a large area to set them up.

The features of 50l rotary evaporator:

  • They are highly non-corrosive
  • They have double sealing
  • This rotary evaporator is versatile since it can be used for distillation and purification.
  • The rotating speed of the vacuum is adjustable

The Applications of WKIE LAB Rotary Evaporator

the applications of wkie lab rotovap

The rotary evaporator is used for the following purposes.


This device helps to remove the solvents from a mixture through the process of evaporation. In this process, the used mixtures are boiled at a high temperature and low pressure. The rotary evaporator works at low temperatures in the case where the evaporated gas is converted to liquid again, a process referred to as condensation.


Through distillation, this device helps to remove and separate the mixture into the given components based on their individual violates. This can be done through evaporation where the liquid mixtures are turned to gas, or condensation when the gas turns to liquid again.

In this case, the rotary evaporator is used for two main prosperous

  • It focuses on the non-volatile components, whereby it removes the required content by sieving it from the unwanted solvent mixtures.
  • In the second option, the rotary evaporator helps remove the necessary component from a mixture gently where it works at a low temperature. During this process, the rotary evaporator works at low temperatures to avoid heating the used mixture. For example, when removing flavors from blended alcohol.


Rotary evaporators are quite standard in industries as they help remove and even separate mixtures, respectively. They come in different sizes that range from as low as 2 liters up to 50 liters suitable for large scale use. The rotary evaporator is used in the production of alcohol, where it removes the bitter components from the blended whiskey. It is used in the medical field and the creation of beverages such as fruit juice, among others.