Mini Rotary Evaporator

The mini rotary evaporator is a smaller version of the rotary evaporator, and it is used mainly for vacuum distillation. This is widely used in the extraction laboratories, where it is mainly used for different distillation purposes. The distillation process is done by evaporation, which is done by apply low boiling solvents like ethyl or butane alcohol from compounds — acquiring solid substances at constant room pressure and room temperature via the evaporation process.

For the quality of the product, you should follow the instructions with caution, ensuring that you do not degrade the product. The best way to go about it is to lower the boiling point by reducing the pressure speed.

So it is possible to undertake the distillation through the least temperature. And also, you must apply the efficient heat transfer method and reduce the pressure when you do that you would achieve a quicker industrial separation. Vacuum distillation is one of the best ways of extracting and distilling. And you can accomplish that by lowering various boiling points.

The unit of rotary evaporators varies, and it depends on the capacity of the mini rotary evaporator. Products in the market come with a rotating base, and some of them feature digital controllers. Furthermore, there are two glasses, as well as a 2000 ml boiling flask and so on.

The Sizes and Applications of The Mini Rotovap

There are various sizes of mini rotary evaporators in the market and these are used for different purposes.

mini rotovap use

1. 0.25-2L Rotary Evaporator

0.2L small mini rotary evaporator

This is one of the smallest sizes of a mini rotary evaporator. And there are several models of this in the market. All of them are made of the best quality borosilicate glass materials, available for different purposes. Furthermore, it features the best Teflon sealing.

A 0.25-5L rotary evaporator can be used for different purposes. For example, they are available as high evaporation installation equipment. Moreover, it is used for solvent evaporation under heating and vacuum pressure conditions — large area formation in a film and constant speed rotation.

Furthermore, it has extensive usage in chemical, bio-pharmaceutical and drying, crystallization, and coal recovery dissolution. When it comes to evaporation, the solubilization of high condenser vapor cooling is going to increase the efficiency of the evaporation process. And also, when it comes to decomposition, it is very helpful.

2. 3L Rotary Evaporator

3L mini torary evaporator for sale

The 3L is the excellent capacity of a rotary evaporator. And it has extensive usage in lots of industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical as well as biological factories. Furthermore, it can be used in the industry for concentration and crystallization processes. And also, it is very useful for drying as well as the dissolution of coal.

Moreover, the 3L rotary evaporator works well in a vacuum condition. And under a constant temperature heating condition, it can help reduce the time of the solvent evaporation process significantly. In the laboratory, they are mostly used under heating conditions, and they always have built-in heating features with bath.

Besides, it features an inbuilt vacuum controller as well as a high vacuum performance. Thus, it can work very fast and efficiently too. You can control its operation with its digitally displays. By the way, its assembly and disassembling processes are not complicated.

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3. 5L Rotary Evaporator

5L mini rotary evaporator

5L is another size of a mini rotary evaporator, very useful in chemistry laboratories, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. They are mostly used under vacuum pressure. Besides, it is very helpful for heating purposes in laboratories and industries, as it can work well under constant heating conditions.

Thus, if you want to heat at the fastest speed, you can always consider this capacity. And also, due to the high evaporation process, it needs to have powerful features. Usually, a 5L rotary evaporator has PTFE sealing, and the built-in vacuum control ensures that it performs optimally.

Moreover, 5L is a popular size of a mini rotary evaporator, and you can control and monitor it as well. The fact that it is easy and straightforward assemble, making it the best user-friendly mini rotary evaporator. Within thirty minutes, you can set all the process up.

Furthermore, the coil cools as it works, and it is highly protected to ensure that it does not damage easily. It is necessary for improved condenser performance. Additionally, it can react very well because of the high-quality borosilicate glass materials. Most importantly, you can customize it to suit your needs. If you need it, you can contact WKIE LAB company at any time.

The Specifications of WKIE Lab Small Size Rotovap

Glass MaterialGG-17GG-17GG-17
Support MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steelstainless steel
Shell MaterialAntisepsis Plastic Spraying 270*270*195mmAntisepsis Plastic Spraying 290*296*240mmAntisepsis Plastic Spraying 310*320*240mm
Inner Container MaterialStainless Steel 250*140mmStainless Steel 255*170mmstainless steel 280*170mm
Baseboard Size280*330mm350*330mm350*330mm
Volume of Recycling Bottle1L 24#Standard Aperture2L 35# ground aperture3L 35# ground aperture
Vacuum Degree0.098Mpa0.098Mpa0.098Mpa
Rotating Power40W40W40W
Rotating Speed0-120rpm0-120rpm0-120rpm
Heating Power1.5KW2KW2KW
Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz)220V/50Hz220V/50Hz220V/50Hz
Up and Down Distance120mm120mm120mm
Shape Size(mm*mm*mm)700*440*885700*440*885700*335*1009mm
Package Size(mm*mm*mm)590*460*460 0.12 m31000*460*460 0.12 m31040*620*410 0.26 m3
Package Weight (KG)213838
Speed Adjustment ModeElectrodeless Speed RegulationElectrodeless Speed RegulationElectrodeless Speed Regulation
Rotate Speed Display ModeDigital DisplayDigital DisplayDigital Display