Plant Extraction By Using Rotary Evaporator

Plant extraction is a complicated process that requires a comprehensive extraction process. The mixture is difficult to extract using any other ordinary method. Well, rotary evaporators are common in most chemical laboratories which include food and pharmaceutical industries. The unit is characterized by collecting vessels, condenser and hearing baths. The laboratories that value automation and versatility have reaped great benefits from using a rotary operator for plant extraction. The following are some of the benefits.

plant extraction using rotary evaporator

The Benefits of Plant Extraction By Using Rotary Evaporator

It is faster

The speed at which the process takes place is very important to save on time and to allow large scale extraction of substances.

Evaporation can be a complicated process, especially during plant extraction because of the complexity of the mixtures. Other conventional methods have proven to be less effective than the rotary evaporator. This can be facilitated by rotary evaporators’ working principle whereby it utilizes rotation to increase the surface area of evaporation. It also allows for temperature and pressure to be regulated and within a short time, the extract will have been collected in the form of a thin film. This makes it easy to extract more substance because of its efficiency and that is why major industries have embraced this method of facilitating their plant extraction process.

It is efficient

The effectiveness of this rotary evaporator is quite impressive. Its design greatly contributes to efficiency. Additionally, the most important factors are the utilization of frictional and centrifugal force. This ensures the extract is trapped as a thin film along with the flask which increases the surface area of the evaporation to increase its efficiency.

These forces also play a key role in reducing bumping which can cause mechanical damage if the pressure is not regulated by adjusting the vacuum. The combination of these aspects has made rotary evaporators to be used in most plant extract to recover more samples. Concentrated mixtures can be recovered because this system utilizes the vacuum system which eventually increases its yield.

It can handle large volumes

The rotary evaporator is the most ideal when it comes to plant extract because it handles large volumes of the mixtures within a short period. This is common especially in mixtures that involve high boiling points. Therefore, the industries that use evaporation as their main extraction process can greatly benefit from this apparatus. The collection of the extract has also been made it and possible contamination of the extract has been enhanced.


Most users who have used rotary evaporators have experienced bumping which can bring some anxiety. However, this can be avoided because the system has vacuum controllers to prevent the occurrence of such small disasters by inducing a vacuum gradient. The latest models have been digitalized and it is easy to monitor temperatures and pressure easily. This enhances safety when using the evaporator. It is also advisable that when handling corrosive substances it is important to handle with care to avoid accidents.

Finally, maintenance of those apparatus should be done periodically to ensure it is effective and it lasts longer. Clean the rotary extractors before it is used to avoid contamination. There are technological developments that are coming up to ensure there are more reliable models that will ensure the plant extraction process will be done most expertly.