Mini Glass Reactor

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Mini glass reactor is also known as a microreactor. And it can offer heat and mass transfer performance for multiphase and extraction. There is extensive usage in many areas, such as micro-scale processing as well as process intensifications. This process has evolved a lot over the years. Besides, they are available in a single layer as well as double-layer glasses.

Over the years, glass reactors have extensive usage in chemical reaction, separation, and concentration, as well as a combination. Additionally, it features a water bath, and this is good because it offers the needed temperature for that reaction to take place.

Furthermore, it is very useful when it comes to excellent reaction mixing, and it can work effectively under negative or positive pressure. Besides, it comes with all the necessary components that can facilitate its operations, such as AC induction, frequency control, speed digital display constant. Most importantly, it is safe to use and does not spark. Most importantly, it is stable and brushless.

Moreover, the glass parts are durable, and that is why it can withstand that reaction. This is because they are made with the highest quality borosilicate materials. Furthermore, they possess wonderful physical and chemical properties. There are several models in the market, and all these come with their different designs.

The Sizes And Applications of Mini Glass Reactor

The Sizes And Applications Of Mini Glass Reactor

There are different sizes of mini glass reactors in the market today, and the dimensions of them can range from 1L to 5L. This means that the reactor capacity can range from 1L to 5L. These have almost the same characteristics and features, but it depends on the models you want to use. The fact is that there are different models in the market. Before you make your choice, you must familiarize yourself with what you can do with each of the products to know whether it is going to be useful for you.

Whether you are using 1L or 5L, they have almost the same attribute, and the significant differences between them are just the capacity. They have the same quality containers. And they are available in similar applications; the only difference is the outcome as some can be more concentrated, especially the higher capacity.

These mini reactors, by nature, can react and stir under the negative pressure and natural pressure as well once the reactor is sealed. All you need to do is to stir this thing continuously. When you do that, the materials inside are going to react, and you can achieve reflux as well as distillation at the same time. Another interesting thing with these mini reactors irrespective of the size is that they are very easy to operate.

The Specifications of WKIE Lab Mini Glass Reactors

Power220V or 110V/50-60Hz
Jacket Volume0.4L0.8L1.2L2L
DischargePTEE(Teflon) bottom discharge valve
Stirring Speed(rpm)0-800rpm
Stirring Power40W40W90W90W
AgitatorAnchor design,304 stainless steel coated with reinforced PTEE Agitor material can be customized as client' requirement
FunnelPressure equalizing
Number of Necks5

What Are The Applications of Mini Glass Reactor?

What Are The Applications Of Mini Glass Reactor?

Another exciting aspect of these mini reactors is the wide range of uses. They have extensive usage in the laboratory, industry, pharmaceutical companies as well as large industries and government, and so on. They are ideal in modern chemistry, and that is why you would see it in reputable laboratories and workshops across the world. Furthermore, they are widely used in the biochemical industry as well as the advanced synthetic. They have a variety of uses, and this sets them apart from several others out there.

The Features of Mini Glass Reactor

The Features Of Mini Glass Reactor

Because of their numerous uses, these mini glass reactors are strongly durable. The frames are strong, and they are designed with the finest quality materials. These are screwed to make them strong and hard. Because of that, it is not going to fall no matter the type of use you subject these glasses to.

Moreover, most of the brands in the market are designed with the best quality GG3.3 glass materials. The implication of this is that it is uniformly thick and highly reliable. The condenser of this product should come with a high-quality coil. In most cases, they are manufactured with a double coil inside it. The bottom could feature a discharge valve, and this makes it simple and easy to clean after use.

Most importantly, there is no leakage, and they are corrosion resistant. Frequency control is also guaranteed, as some of them are designed with an AC induction motor. It is safe to use anywhere you want to apply it because they do not spark, and they are stable as well as durable.

The Applications of Mini Glass Reactor

Kinds Of Applications Of Mini Glass Reactor

Because of their stable design, you can use this in any industry without hassles. As said before, there are single-layered as well as double layers designers. The double-layered design is more protective, but it should be noted that they can achieve the same results.

Double layered has more multiple-use as they can be used in both low and high temperatures. Some use it for vacuum experiments as well as reflux and distillation processes. These mini glass reactors are often used in the primary and secondary school laboratories for chemistry practical. Apart from that, these are widely used in the biopharmaceutical and for new materials testing in synthetic reactions.