5L Glass Reactor

The 5L glass reactor has essential applications in many areas, including the laboratory, pharmaceutical or in a chemistry set. So, it is only fair hence to get to know more about it.

Our discussions here exist for just that. We shall delve into discussing the essentials of this 5-liter glass reactor.

5L glass reactors

The Features of 5L Glass Reactor

The Features Of 5 Liter Glass Reactor

1. High-quality Borosilicate Glass

The standard 5-liter glass reactor features the high-quality Borosilicate glass makeup. This one generally speaking comprises excellent chemical and physical attributes. You will hence find it pretty reliable for tackling many of the applications in science.

Additionally, it also lasts longer and is more reliable in the long run.

2. Low-speed Booster Motor

To undertake the tasks of mixing ingredients, the 5-liter reactor derives its power from a motor. However, its motor stands apart from the others in that it is low speed. Notwithstanding the low speed, it generates pretty high torque which in turn enables smoother operations. That it produces zero spark makes it safer for use.

3. PTFE Rotary Seal Assembly

A rotary seal exists to pump the reactants in the reaction chamber. Being made of the powerful PTFE material, this seal is equally tougher and more resilient. It is subsequently capable of tackling the needed outcomes for a period of time that is longer than usual.

4. PTFE Discharge Valve

For your own safety, the reactor comes about with a valve. This one regulates the movements of the reactants within the entire premise of the reactor glass. In particular, it allows for faster and complete discharges. While at it, the valve does not leak and is hence safer for your own use.

The Specifications of WKIE Lab 5L Glass Reactors

Power220V or 110V/50-60Hz220V or 110V/50-60Hz220V or 110V/50-60Hz220V or 110V/50-60Hz
Jacket Volume0.4L0.8L1.2L2L
DischargePTEE(Teflon) bottom discharge valvePTEE(Teflon) bottom discharge valvePTEE(Teflon) bottom discharge valvePTEE(Teflon) bottom discharge valve
Stirring Speed(rpm)0-800rpm0-800rpm0-800rpm0-800rpm
Stirring Power40W40W90W90W
AgitatorAnchor design,304 stainless steel coated with reinforced PTEE Agitor material can be customized as client’ requirementAnchor design,304 stainless steel coated with reinforced PTEE Agitor material can be customized as client’ requirementAnchor design,304 stainless steel coated with reinforced PTEE Agitor material can be customized as client’ requirementAnchor design,304 stainless steel coated with reinforced PTEE Agitor material can be customized as client’ requirement
FunnelPressure equalizingPressure equalizingPressure equalizingPressure equalizing
Number of Necks5555

The Applications of 5L Glass Reactor

The Applications of 5L Glass Reactor in Laboratory

The Applications Of 5 Liters Glass Reactor in Laboratory

1. Vacuum Stirring Reaction

Some reactions require a vacuum to be able to carry out. These glass reactors have the ability to do just that. They suck out all air to create a vacuum. This, in turn, expedites the process of reaction chiefly by lowering the boiling points of water. You do not have to wait for too long to obtain the necessary outcomes.

2. High-temperature and Low-temperature Reactions

Owing to the thickness of the glass, these reactors are able to facilitate both the low and the high temperatures. With this arrangement, it is possible for you to heat and cool many kinds of liquids and to distill the final outcomes. The thick layers provide a constant temperature for unconstrained reactions.

3. Monitoring Reaction Progress

Glass, as we all know, is transparent in nature. This makes the task of monitoring the progress of the reactions not only possible but also greatly simplified. You will, as a matter of fact, be more than able to know beforehand just what adjustments to make if need be.

4. Constant Speed Operations

Courtesy of its elegant design, this glass reactor is able to make it possible for you to manage constant speed operations. Examples of these operations are the concentration reactions, reflux, distillation, negative pressure operations, and mixing reactions, to name but a few! Thus, you get so much more from this apparatus.

The Applications of 5L Glass Reactor in Chemistry

The Applications Of 5L Glass Reactor In Chemistry

1. Mixing Different Materials

Could it be that you have to mix different kinds of materials? If you do, the five-liter glass reactor is an apparatus you have to lay your hands on seriously. It does confer a huge reaction chamber that contains the reactants and provides the space for their mixing.

2. Compressions of Substances

Some substances, more so those that are in gaseous forms, have to be compressed before mixing or further handling. Yet again, the 5-liter glass reactors come in to provide the compression necessary for the job. This stems mainly from the fact that their walls are reinforced to make them stronger than ever.

3. Addition of Extra Materials

It may often be that you have to add some extra materials to the ones that are in your reaction chamber. Fewer laboratory apparatus has the ability to let you do this. Fortunately, the 5-liter glass reactor is capable of allowing you to add those extras. An adjusting valve prevents any explosions from arising.

4. Condensation of Fluids

Some products do come out as gases. They may, however, require to be in the form of liquids and fluids. Only the 5-liter glass reactor may help you to achieve this very role. It does have a condenser whose role is to convert the hot gases into fluids.

The Applications of 5L Glass Reactor in Pharma

The Applications Of 5L Glass Reactor In Pharma

1. Mixing Chemicals

The primary role of the 5-liter glass reactor in the field of pharmaceuticals is to mix chemicals of various kinds and statures. This is mainly because its reaction chamber is wide and powerful enough to confer the spaces and conducive environments necessary for the same to happen.

2. Reacting Mixtures

In their reaction chamber, it is possible yet again to facilitate the reactions of various chemicals. The same reasons as above still apply. This is to means that their reaction chambers are wide and firm enough to provide the space necessary for the reactions of chemicals.

3. Distilling Outcomes

As noted above, some outcomes may be in the form of gas yet, in reality, they have to be in the liquid form. The 5-liter glass rector has a condenser whose role is to convert the gases into fluids. For this reason, you may use these reactors also to distill fluids and derive the one that is suited for your liking.

4. Filtration

Other than distilling substances, these apparatus may also be used to filter out unwanted solutes from the solutions. They do possess powerful sieves that separate the mixtures to give off one that is clean and very conducive. Compared to the normal sieve, this reactor is pretty more effective.

5. Dispensing Products

Obviously, after obtaining your products, you have to dispense the same for later use. These glass reactors go beyond merely letting you arrive at those products in the first place. They stretch to letting you dispense of the same in ways that are safer and more reliable.


Though small and compact, the 5-liter glass reactor has many uses in chemistry, laboratory, and pharmaceuticals. In case you have a liking for any of these areas of applications, you have no option but to acquire and incorporate it into your users and applications. You now know what to anticipate from it, don’t you?