Buchiglas Glass Reactor

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Buchiglas Company has endeavored to remain at the helm of providing the best quality products and services. The company has therefore invested in hiring the right skills to achieve this objective. Consequently, it has employed highly qualified personnel with entrepreneurial desires and competence. The environment at this Buchi Glass Reactor company tells it all.

Besides hiring the best skills, this company is dedicated to continuing empowering the workforce through training and apprenticing the youths for the better future of these upcoming professionals.

The management of this company is also very overwhelming. The leadership has built a conducive environment for both them and the employs to interact in a more professional manner. The culture at this company, therefore, is based on commitment, trust, and mutual respect. These, coupled with competence, agreement, and responsibility, make the company the envy of the region in glass production and advancement in the production.

Buchiglas Glass Reactor

1. MiniPilot Glass Reactor

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Buchiglas offers MiniPilot Glass Reactor. With this service, the company is proud of providing mini plants for chemical process development, process stimulation, scale-up, and Kilo-scale production. In this operation, the reactor’s explosion-proof design while the inert material enables the amicable process of the solvents in the acid in the sealed reaction vessels.

The company can easily modify the standard compact reactor set up. It can be changed to different reactions depending on the capacity. Here, the professionals can choose either to use the smallest, 5 liters, the mid, 10 liters or the maximum capacity of 15 liters plus interchangeable stirrers.

In the process, the professionals from the Buchiglas company install a reaction vessel on the lowering and lifting device. This enables easy opening and cleaning of the vessels. The distillation glass is made from softball- socket joints to allow multi chemical reactions under full vacuum.

In the process, the company produces an array of products. pH probes, sampling devices, rectification columns come with structured packaging, among many others.

2. MidPilot Glass Reactor

buchiglas midpilot glass reactor

This MidPilot Glass Reactor is the most robust wing of the company. It is, therefore, specifically ideal for application in the Kilo lab, GMP compliant API syntheses, and chemical process development.

The inert material and the reactor’s explosion-proof design allows the safe processing of the solvents in the acids. The entire process takes place in the wholly sealed reaction vessel. The professionals can easily modify the interchangeable reaction materials from 20 to 30 liters plus the different sizes of the stirrers. This also has a lowering and lifting device for easy opening and cleaning.

The products under this operation are no different from the min pilot apart from the sizes. T6hiss company, therefore, is the best glass reactor in the region owing to its competent professionals, ethical leadership, conducive environment, and the proper equipment it has endeavored to have.