10L Glass Reactor

10L glass reactor is a significant capacity of glass reactors. They are designed to mix various chemicals to elicit reactions. And also, you can use them to control the temperatures. It is particularly important when there is a certain chemical reaction.

Besides, It’s also vital because the scientist needs to know how certain compounds react in real-world situations. With glass reactors, you can also set the conditions for a vacuum environment. And the 10L glass reactor is one of them.

Glass reactors are often jacketed for extra protection and heat or cooling insulation. Sometimes, you can even adjust the mechanical stirring speeds. They also have a way that you can feel in new materials at a constant volume. This is due to the inbuilt pressure mechanisms. This is also a feature that a scientist needs when experimenting with what happens if a certain amount of one substance is mixed with another.

Ultimately, you can find the glass reactors in any lab. They usually run on electricity but using jackets will help to reduce energy consumption and costs.

The Specifications of WKIE Lab Glass Reactors

Power220V or 110V/50-60Hz
Jacket Volume6L8L10L12L16L18L23L
DischargePTEE(Teflon) bottom discharge valve
Stirring Speed(rpm)0-450rpm0-450rpm0-450rpm0-450rpm0-450rpm0-450rpm0-450rpm
Stirring Power90W90W120W120W120W200W750W
AgitatorAnchor design,304 stainless steel coated with reinforced PTEE Agitor material can be customized as client' requirement
FunnelPressure equalizing
Number of Necks6666666

The Applications of 10L Glass Reactors

The glass reactors are used in a variety of settings. You can find them in the laboratory, chemistry, or pharma corporations. They can be used for experimentation in learning situations, or in actual, real-world applications. Any companies that work in manufacturing solutions will probably have a few of these.

1. The Applications of 10L Glass Reactor in Laboratory

Usually, the glass reactors used here are Type I, Class A borosilicate glass. This is in compliance with ASTM Specification E438. The industry is highly regulated, and all scientists have to comply with the latest standards that are set out. Numerous companies in America offer these devices for sale.

Often, scientists work with highly volatile chemicals in their labs. This is why it’s vital that the glass reactors and all its components stand up to regulatory standards. The labs might already have their set formulas, or they are setting out on formulating new proprietary material. In the case of the latter, it is essential that the experimentation is safe for the lab technician. Often these compounds are first created and then tested afterward for safety.

2. The Applications of 10L Glass Reactor in Chemistry

Numerous processes go on in chemistry. You can use the glass reactor to test chemical reactions. Additionally, you can use them for distilling liquids.

Further, glass reactors can be used to test the concentrations of liquids. The glass reactors are even fitted with condensers so that you can save some of the materials that have been previously distilled.

Also, the glass reactors use liquid to cool down or heat the liquid. All of these processes are crucial to the advancement of chemistry.

3. The Applications of 10L Glass Reactor in Pharma

Pharmacy technology has come a long way. With all of the advancements in medical science, a person needs the gear to make all of the medicine that people enjoy today. Those who purchase this equipment look for glass reactors that are specifically geared towards pharmacy usage.

These devices can look at the most high tech. They have special controls as well. For instance, they are pH controlled, as this is very important in the making of pharmaceutical compounds. No one wants a shampoo that is too acidic or alkaline. And the pharmacies tend to make a lot of lotions as well as pills.

There are also controls for automatic dosing. This is the most important part of pharmacy. The entire industry is built around ensuring that people get their correct dosing at the proper times. This is the job of the pharmacist, and it is no small task as well.

With the increasingly complex advances in medicine, a proper dose can mean the difference between helping and harming. This is why the lab equipment is manufactured with such rigorous standards. The glass reactors for pharma have a direct impact on the health of the world’s population. One drop can make a huge difference in the scheme of things.