50L Glass Reactor

A 50L Glass Reactor has several applications. It is highly effective in controlling temperature and pressure under which chemical reactions take place. Besides, you can find it applied in batch reactions where chemicals have to be tested before they can be produced on a large scale. The size of the glass reactor makes it ideal for semi pilot applications.

50L glass reactor definition

The reaction in the 50-liter glass reactor incorporates a lot of ingredients which make it easy for the engineers to determine the reaction of the ingredients under different applications. The glass reactor is in most cases made out of high-quality borosilicate glass which is resistant to chemical reactions. It can as well withstand high temperatures and pressure.

The Features of 50L Glass Reactor

There are several features that are common in the glass reactor. It is essential to check out the features before you can proceed to buy the glass reactor.

Some of the features which make the glass reactor stand out to include the following:

50L glass reactor

1. Borosilicate glass

In most cases, the 50L Glass Reactor is made out of high-quality borosilicate glass. The glass is used in making the reactor due to its ability to withstand high temperate and pressure. There are several chemicals used in the chemical reaction. It is essential to choose a material that is highly resistant to the chemical reaction.

The use of borosilicate makes it possible for different chemical reactors to occur in the glass but the vessel will not be affected. Even at high temperate and pressure, the borosilicate glass will still hold its shape.

2. Booster motor

The reactor glass needs some form of stirring so that the chemicals can mix well for the perfect chemical reaction. The stirring process is brought about due to the use of a motor.

The booster motor is carefully selected to ensure the chemical reaction takes place in an ideal environment.

3. Seal assembly

You need to seal the reactor vessel well so that you can regulate the pressure. In most cases, the 50L glass reactor will come with a seal assembly which plays a great role in ensuring the system has the perfect seal in place.

4. Discharge value

After the reaction is over, you need to discharge the ingredients. The unit comes with a discharge valve which makes it possible to discharge the ingredients. You can count on the unit to achieve the best product discharge. There is a minimal mess due to the high-quality construction of the discharge unit.

5. Heating and cooling system

There should be a way of heating and cooling the ingredients during the chemical reaction. The reactor has a unit that allows for effective cooling and heating of the ingredients.

The Specifications of WKIE Lab Glass Reactor

Reaction Volume(L)5L10L20L50L100L200L
Jacket Volume(L)2L5L8L12L18L25L
Reactor MaterialHigh quality borosilicate 3.3 glass
Support Frame MaterialStainless steel 304 and coated aluminum
Neck No. On Lid56
Rated. torque(N.cm)140177177177285550
Motor power(W)90120120120200370
Rotating speed(rpm)0 ~ 600 (customizable)
Power supply220V or 110V / 50-60HZ
DischargePTFE (Teflon) bottom discharge valve with no deadspace
Pressure RangeFull vacuum to atmosphere
Max jacket pressure0.5 bar

The Applications of 50L glass reactors

There is a wide application of the glass reactor,

Here are some of the applications of the glass reactor you need to check out:

50 Liter glass reactor applications

1. The Applications of 50L Glass Reactors in Laboratory

The glass reactor is applied in laboratory applications. For example, you will find the reactor used to test the reaction of different chemicals. It is common in chemical processing. Different ingredients are mixed after which the scientists will monitor their reaction in the glass reactor. It can be used in batch reactions to test the effectiveness of certain processes. It is widely used in distillation processes.

2. The Applications of 50L Glass Reactors in Chemistry

You will find the glass reactor used in processes such as extraction and separation of chemicals. There are some chemicals that are obtained from other chemicals. The glass reactor can be used to control different conditions such as temperature and pressure which allow the separation of the different chemicals. For instance, it is applied in the separation of CBD oils.

There is a wide range of chemicals reactors which can be carried out in the glass reactor. For instance, it can be used to mix different ingredients which lead to the production of paint.

3. The Applications of 50L Glass Reactors in Pharma

Drugs are made through a combination of several chemicals. You can use the 50L glass reactors in the synthesis of drugs. There are specific conditions that should be met before you can successfully synthesize certain chemicals.

It is possible to synthesize such chemicals through the application of the glass reactors. Parameters such as pressure and temperature can be easily controlled which leads to the perfect condition under which the chemicals can be synthesized.