Jacketed Glass Reactor Price

jacketed glass reactor

WKIE LAB is a lab equipment manufacturer from China, providing high-quality equipment for customers all over the world. And the jacketed glass reactor is one of the most popular reaction vessels of WKIE LAB company. Follow this page, and you will know more about WKIE LAB jacketed glass reactor price.

WKIE LAB jacketed glass reactors are usually designed to regulate the temperature of its subjects with the help of a heating or cooling vessel. This makes it an ideal apparatus for doing high-speed mixing functions, mixing homogeneous reactions. Also, the equipment helps in the processes of extraction and purification of mixtures. The jacket usually provides a uniform exchange of heat to the fluids circulating inside the walls of the vessel.

The majority of technicians find it easy and convenient to use the jacketed vessel reactor in mixing various types of materials under specific temperatures. What’s more, its lid does come with different functional ports, which enable the users to carry out varied functions such as adding reactors to the vessel by adjusting its speed or adjusting the reaction temperature. More importantly, the apparatus lid does come with customized features so as to meet the requirement of the user.

WKIE LAB Jacketed Glass Reactor Design

In the field of chemical engineering, there is usually a lot of heating and cooling. Some of these processes require a specially designed apparatus to do specific tasks. For this reason, the jacketed glass reactors are designed precisely to suit every heating process in a chemical laboratory. Therefore, the following are some of the examples of jacketed glass reactor designs.

Conventional Jacketed Glass Reactor

These models are designed with a second shell that is installed over a portion of the vessel. This creates a space between the cooling and the heating mediums. Usually, conventional reactors don’t come with internal components. What’s more, they do not depend on the velocity or turbulence of the medium. Instead, they utilize the concept of surface area in which the medium condenses. Its components include the baffles that help channel the flow of medium in a spiral pattern as they go around the reactor. Also, they have an agitating nozzle that causes high turbulence to the medium once they are introduced in the reactor.

Halfpipe Coil Jackets

This is another jacketed glass reactor that contains long split pipes. The pipes are often split at an angle of 180 degrees and wounded around the glass to improve the efficiency of condensation.

Dimple Jacket Reactors

These glass reactors are designed with a thin external shell that is firmly welded around the vessel at a regular pattern. The welded shells form dimple like circles that bring the turbulence effect to the heating/cooling medium.

Plate Coiled Jackets

The plate coil jackets are more or less similar to the dimple jackets. However, the two differ in that their fabrication is double layered to enable heat to transverse. They are also well bonded/attached to the vessel to avoid any insulation gap that might occur between the coil and the vessel.

Why You Choose WKIE LAB Jacketed Glass Reactor?

wkie lab jacketed glass reactor features

Some of the features of a WKIE LAB jacketed glass reactor include the following:

First, all its sealable components contain solvent resistant PTFE material to ensure it’s highly durable and efficient on its operation.

The adjustable stirring rate ensures that the apparatus rotates at high speed and with excellent torque.

The condenser surface is wide enough to ensure exceptional cooling and condensation processes.

Besides, the glassware used in the apparatus is all made using high-grade borosilicate glass. This provides it with anti-corrosion as well as heat resistant properties.

The apparatus comes with digital displays to improve its ease of operation. Through the display, the user is always in a better position to control speeds and temperature.

What’s more, the entire vessel is supported using a robust, heavy-duty stainless steel. The steel framework is not only long-lasting but also provides stability for smooth operation. Also, the steel framework comes with lockable casters, which when locked, aids in safe mobility and translocation. Usually, the entire support system and the vessels are shipped when pre-assembled.

jacketed glass reactor design

Additionally, there is a three standard mouth that can be used for multipurpose functions. Also, the vessel features a thermometer tube, feeding cork, pressure funnel, and a reflux condenser.

The motor is designed to reduce noise while running. Also, it’s made with sturdy materials, which makes it withstand high temperatures and constant torque speeds for long without being defective. The shaft end seal is also engineered using high-end technology to ensure the motor runs smoothly even in harsh conditions. The motors’ power usually ranges about 1.1 KW. With such power, it can reach a speed of between 80 to 800 rpm. However, it can be customized as per the customer’s specifics.

The other important feature of the jacketed glass reactor is the stir. The stirring shaft is made from heat resistant stainless steel. This makes it capable of providing an ideal dynamic performance as well as long-term excellence service without getting deformed.

The glass reactors also feature a reactor structure which has a nominal capacity of 800 L. the structures has both inlet and discharge ports to complete its functionality.

The Price of WKIE LAB Jacketed Glass Reactor

When you read this, you may curious about the price of WKIE LAB jacketed glass reactors. Will they cost me too much? Don’t worry, actually, WKIE LAB, as one of the most professional lab equipment suppliers, we always have our own professor team and the most advanced modern factory. And also, we have our own raw material supplier. That’s why we can provide our customers with the highest quality products at a low price.

So, if you are interested in our jacketed glass reactor, just send us an inquiry, you can always get the most reasonable price.

The Specifications of Jacketed Glass Reactor

Reaction Volume(L)5L10L20L50L100L200L
Jacket Volume(L)2L5L8L12L18L25L
Reactor MaterialHigh quality borosilicate 3.3 glassHigh quality borosilicate 3.4 glassHigh quality borosilicate 3.5 glassHigh quality borosilicate 3.6 glassHigh quality borosilicate 3.7 glassHigh quality borosilicate 3.8 glass
Support Frame MaterialStainless steel 304 and coated aluminumStainless steel 304 and coated aluminumStainless steel 304 and coated aluminumStainless steel 304 and coated aluminumStainless steel 304 and coated aluminumStainless steel 304 and coated aluminum
Neck No. On Lid566666
Rated. torque(N.cm)140177177177285550
Motor power(W)90120120120200370
Rotating speed(rpm)0 ~ 600 (customizable)0 ~ 600 (customizable)0 ~ 600 (customizable)0 ~ 600 (customizable)0 ~ 600 (customizable)0 ~ 600 (customizable)
Power supply220V or 110V / 50-60HZ220V or 110V / 50-60HZ220V or 110V / 50-60HZ220V or 110V / 50-60HZ220V or 110V / 50-60HZ220V or 110V / 50-60HZ
DischargePTFE (Teflon) bottom discharge valve with no deadspacePTFE (Teflon) bottom discharge valve with no deadspacePTFE (Teflon) bottom discharge valve with no deadspacePTFE (Teflon) bottom discharge valve with no deadspacePTFE (Teflon) bottom discharge valve with no deadspacePTFE (Teflon) bottom discharge valve with no deadspace
Pressure RangeFull vacuum to atmosphereFull vacuum to atmosphereFull vacuum to atmosphereFull vacuum to atmosphereFull vacuum to atmosphereFull vacuum to atmosphere
Max jacket pressure0.5 bar0.5 bar0.5 bar0.5 bar0.5 bar0.5 bar

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The Applications of Jacketed Glass Reactor

Jacketed glass reactors are commonly used in petrochemical industries or those industries that deal with pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes, and rubber, to mention a few. Nonetheless, despite the difference in applications, all the jacketed glass reactors share one common purpose. Majority of industries that seek homogenous reaction of fluid properties that require stirring use of the glass reactors. The jacketed reactor provides excellent mixing, and that’s why they are convenient for such reasons.

In the food industry, the jacketed glass reactors are used to cool fluid foods while adding additives or supplements at controlled speeds.

In pharmaceuticals, glass reactors are used to lower the velocity of pharmaceutical products, especially in high viscous fluids.

Also, the glass reactor is used in other related industries to keep and maintain a specific temperature and pressure when a reaction is underway.

Final Words

Jacketed glass reactors are designed to enhance the synthetic reaction of various types of materials in a controlled temperature and pressure. These reactors are popular in chemical industries due to their efficiency and relevancy. They come with adjustable stirring speeds as well as a constant pressure feeding funnel to allow the user to add materials to the reactor vessel uniformly at control speeds. Currently, there are different designed that comes with added functionality for convenient and optimal production, especially in the chemical-related industries such as food industries, drugs, dyes, and pharmaceuticals.