Wiped Film Distillation

wiped film distillation

What Is a Wiped Film Distillation?

In most cases, the wiped film distillation (molecular distillation) process occurs when sensitive materials are used in the creation of a product such as oils, CBD oils or fine chemicals. During the wiped film distillation process, a thin film or liquid formed from an experiment settles on the inner surface of the wiper system. Thus, as the vacuum rotates, the liquid drips downward to fill on the wall surfaces. Unlike other burning apparatus, the wiped film apparatus are designed with thick materials that range from 0.1 to 0.5 mm in thickness.

The size in terms of thickness is chosen depending on the thickness of the liquid used in the experiment, the rotating speed of the film and also the wiper system used in the production. The wiped film distillation process involves the use of a thin distillation system that reduces the rate of temperatures and the pressure required in production. Hence, this results, to a much higher evaporation process to reduce the time and temperature rates needed in an experiment. The limited heating time and temperature required during this process of distillation make it easy and efficient to work with sensitive materials.

The Process of Wiped Film Distillation and Its Superiority

Wiped Film Distillation Process

wiped film evaporator process

The liquids rare fed through a high vacuum that passes through to the evaporating surface. Through the heated walls of the evaporating surface and the vacuum, the process of separation takes place whereby the more volatile components also referred to as distillate from the mixture moves to the internal condenser and the less volatile components also referred to as residual moves down to the cylinder.

Ones these two separation process takes place, the remaining components are passed through to the discharge outlet connected to the distillate. The choice between the two( distillate and the residual) is determined by the application of the process and the desired results. The utilization of a high vacuum results in low-pressure utilization such that no molecules collide before the process completely.

The superiority of the wiped film distillation process

This process helps to reduce the decomposition products and ensure the quality production of the results. This is because less heat and pressure are utilized to allow the used components to evaporate, distill, condense and evaporate on a balanced rate. This process is mainly used in the production of oils, fats, chemicals, fragrances, and even polymers among others. With the wiped film distillation there is;

  • There is less time required in feeding the liquid to the vacuum
  • There is also an excellent distillation process because less heat is utilized
  • There is less wastage during this process
  • It is excellent and even spread of heat during the process

The Features of Wiped Film Distillation

best wipe definition film
  • Feeding tank

The feeding tank comes in different sizes and features plus a jacketed design. Most of the feeding tanks are designed with cleaner and visible material for easy viewing when feeding the liquid.

  • The distiller

The main distiller is jacketed, has a magnetic drive and is firmly sealed to prevent leakage of the used liquids. The main distiller also features a condenser where the condensation process takes place.

  • The collecting tank

The collecting tank features a jacketed vessel and has a high controllable discharging method. The discharge method forms a link between the gear pump and the leveler transmitter on the tank.

  • Dual condensers

The dual condensers are equipped to provide enough surfaces for collecting all the volatile distillates and safeguard the high vacuum level.

  • Non-explosive design

The wiped film distillation system features a feeding and discharging gear pump that is well insulated and made of non-explosive materials to ensure excellent flow of the distillates and other residuals. This also ensures smooth flow without causing clogging of the system.

  • Stainless steel materials

The collecting tank is made of stainless steel materials that are well coated to prevent it from corrosion or rust from liquids used during the experiments.

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The Applications of Wiped Film Distillation

In food products

wiped film distillation in food industry applications

One of the areas where the wiped film distillation system is used in food production is in the production of cooking oil. The distiller works magic in removing heavy carbons and metals in the residual stream for the effective production of lube distill. The wiped film distillation system allows the distillation of the oils at high vacuum levels while reducing the boiling point. This in return helps to avoid thermal cracking on the produced oils. The utilization of low temperature during the wiped film distillation provides good circulation of temperature that is neither too high nor too low.

This system is also used to produce the liquid in the form of distillate. How? The process includes the addition of all the necessary systems that eliminate the water, gas and also Naptha from the oils. The process also involves the addition of the complex multi-stage vacuum system to ensure there is a high vacuum required in the process.

In Fine Chemicals

wiped film distillation in fine chemistry

The wiped film distillation system is utilized in the production of fine chemicals due to the ability to separate both volatile and non-volatile substances. The process takes place in a rough vacuum and at an atmospheric pressure, which works in conjunction with a condenser. The heat reduction on the condenser ensures optimal mixing of the used liquids on the surface. The thick high vacuum made of high-quality material prevents them from breaking even in the production of volatile chemicals.

In CBD Extraction

wiped film distillation CBD

The wiped film distillation is a process that slowly separates liquids under low heat, unlike other traditional methods. This makes it easy to separate liquids and other substances that are sensitive to high temperatures such as CBD because there is minimal degradation during this process.

Other than this, the wiped film distillation system works in the manufacturing and separation of CBD oil because there are less time and separation temperature utilized. The wiped film distillation used in the extraction of the CBD oil is fitted with an internal cooling condenser that links the oil molecules from the heated surface to the condenser. Note that in CBD extraction, the internal condenser fluid should be maintained at a -80 degree C to prevent the formation of high volatile substance or frozen oils.


The wiped film distillation system is versatile equipment applied in the production of chemicals, medicines, beauty products and even in the extraction of CBD oils. This distillation process utilizes low heat for easy and smooth removal and separation of both volatile and non-volatile substances. The distillation systems come in different sizes to accommodate different capacities.