Thin Film Evaporator China

What Is A Thin Film Evaporator China?

thin film evaporator china

A thin film evaporator is an instrument that has been developed to purify temperature-sensitive products through evaporation. Some of the thermally sensitive molecules include polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. These temperature-sensitive molecules can be both high or low. The process is designed to work under low evaporation temperatures meaning low pressure and also to minimize the residence time of the molecules in the evaporator.

Thin-film evaporation is different in different plants. Focusing on molecular distillation, the fluids are in a free flow regime which means the mean free molecular path is comparable to the unit process. When using this process, the gaseous phase does not exert significant pressure on the products to be evaporated thus the rate of evaporation does not necessarily require pressure.

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wkie lab instrument

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Thin Film Evaporator Theory.

When using this process, the raw materials are heated up on the inside of a heated tube until the low boiling products start to evaporate. The vapors are then cooled into a liquid form in the condenser and obtained as the filtrate.

All the systems used in thin-film evaporation are recommended for the separation of volatile compounds from the less volatile molecules. The whole process revolves around organic compounds that are characterized by high molecular weight and thermal instability. The focal point is the pressure which ranges between 1 and 0.001 bars and also a short retention time. The plant is mostly made of glass or a combination of glass and metal according to the compounds being separated.

The three systems used in thin-film evaporation are molecular distillation, Wiped film distillation, and short path distillation. For the thin-film distillation, the evaporator and the condenser are separated and connected by nozzles. The vacuum pump is connected to the condenser directly and when using this equipment the overall pressure is only a few bars.

When using the short path distillation system, the condenser is fitted in the center of the evaporator. This is important so as to reduce the distance between the condenser and the evaporation surface hence eliminating pressure loss. When the evaporation is reduced to pressures of 0.001 bars, then we call this molecular distillation.

Thin Film Evaporator Design.

This machine has a wide range of design configurations. First, is the Rotor designs where there is a fixed clearance for vertical designs and horizontal designs. This is ideal for less viscous liquids. There is also a Wiped Film for materials with high fouling tendencies.

The vertical configurations ensure the reliable and efficient processing of fouling fluids. The horizontal design is applicable where longer residence time is required for mass transfer and reactions. The process can also use a counter-current flow or a co-current flow. Counter-current flow is better with vertical orientation as it maximizes both heat and mass transfer efficiencies. Co-current is best for application where there is heavy vapor loading.

The evaporation surfaces are made of a vertical glass cylinder that is double mantled and filled with a heating medium whose temperature is regulated by a thermostat. The molecules are spread to a thin film on the inside surface of the evaporator by using rotating wipers that are made of glass or PTFE.

The wipers are pressed to the inner walls by centrifugal forces where they make a thin film with a continuous distribution of the fluid film. The condenser is placed vertically in the center of the evaporator and cooled using a thermostat.

For optimal evaporation, the type of wipers used as well as the speed of rotation can be regulated according to the viscosity of the product that is being evaporated. This unit has a control mode for pressure, temperature, thermostat power supply to the pump and the speed of the wiper motor. The rotating wipers are made of aluminum and are covered with a hard PTFE material. This PTFE material is available in different versions so as to accommodate the different wiper elements, they include type a, b, and c.

Superiorities of Thin Film Evaporator China.

Thin-film evaporator China is much better compared to other evaporator machines because:

Chinese thin film evaporator

1. The machine adapts well to a wide range of viscosity ranging from high to low and can be treated easily. The viscosity of the materials can be up to 100,000cp.

2. The system heats the products in a short duration ranging between 5 to 10 seconds. The unit works under low pressure more comfortably hence the best when using heat-sensitive products. It also does not produce any decomposition hence the quality of the materials is maintained.

3. The instrument is easy to operate and also easy to regulate the product index inside the unit and it can control continuous production.

4. The equipment covers a small area and has a simple design that is easy to clean and maintain.

5. High-quality. China Thin Film Evaporator is made by WKIE LAB that is ISO certified hence you are guaranteed the best quality.

Applications of Thin Film Evaporator.

Thin film evaporators have a wide range of applications in industries, pharmaceuticals and many more.

thin film evaporator china applications

1. Food Industry.

Many foods are heat or temperature-sensitive and thus require low heating temperatures or short residence time. Products such as food flavors and colors are volatile and hence thin film evaporator is ideal when isolating these products. Milk products are also temperature sensitive and may require a short residence time if they are to be subjected to high temperatures hence the machine is very applicable.

The machine is also able to cope up with foaling usually caused by solids in the feed, precipitating solids in the products or caused by the degradation of the product. Fouling is whereby there is a slow buildup of a thin layer on the heat transfer surfaces causing a gradual reduction in the overall heat transfer co-efficient.

2.In chemistry.

Thin film evaporators are used in many chemistry experiments. The stripping of heat-sensitive solvents and reagents such as esters, alcohols among others can be done at atmospheric pressure or other low pressures. The process is used in purifying contaminated samples or preparing solvents with different concentrations. At very low pressures the machine can isolate a sample from a liquid mixture.

3. In CBD extraction.

Cannabidiol is a promising compound in the medial industry since it is a pain killer and also relieves anxiety. The thin-film evaporator is used in CBD extraction mostly to remove high solvents efficiently. It is also used to decolor, evaporate, condense react, degas, tip deodorant the materials that are heat sensitive and are easily oxidized.

In conclusion, the best Thin film evaporator should be able to evaporate products under low pressure and temperature. They should also withstand foaling caused by solids in feeds.