Cheap Rotary Evaporator

Cheap rotary evaporator does not mean poor quality. Instead, it represents the rotovaps which are cost-effective. WKIE Lab makes it possible for you to get an excellent rotary evaporator with a low budget.

So, you can get a great rotary evaporator even if you are operating on a shoestring budget.

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WKIE Lab always provides great and cost-effective rotary evaporators. And also, we have excellent service, and we can offer you customized rotary evaporators. Thus, if you want to buy high-quality and cheap rotary evaporator, we can give you some excellent solutions.

What Is a Rotary Evaporator?

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A rotary evaporator is simply a device, available in chemical laboratories to remove solvents efficiently from samples. There are several designs of evaporators available in the market. Some of them are for small samples, and others are for big-scale productions.

It is essential to check on the application you intend to accomplish before heading out to buy the evaporators. Some rotary evaporators have few features, while others will incorporate several features. It is necessary to check on the features available on the evaporator before you can proceed to order. Evaporators have wide applications. You can find them in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, and laboratories, among other uses.

The Specifications of WKIE Lab Rotary Evaporators

Rotation Flask10L20L50L10L20L30L50L
Bath LiftMotor LiftHand Lift
CondenserGlassware: Vertical with dual-spiral glass tubing
Flask Rotation Speed0-120rpm0-110rpm
Motor Power250W250W250W180W180W250W250W
Receiving Flask5L10L20L5L10L20L20L
Vacuum Degree(Ultimate Pressure)20mbar
Heating Power(customizable)4KW4KW6KW3KW5KW8KW8KW
Temp. ControlPID from main heater, ON/OFF Control
SafetyOver-temp and fuse protections
Glass MaterialHigh borosilicate glass 3.3
Power Source220V 1ph, 50HZ(Customized: 110V)

The Features of Cheap Rotary Evaporator

Rotary evaporators come with several features. Here are the common features you will find in most evaporators. It is essential to check out features available on the evaporators before you can proceed to buy.

Some of the features you can enjoy after buying the rotary evaporators are explained here:

1. Heating bath

In the process of rotary evaporation, you will need to heat the solvents so that you can separate them. The heating bath is a crucial part of the evaporator. You need to check on the size of the evaporator provided in a given unit if you are after unit, which can assure you the best performance. But don’t worry, we will indicate the size of the evaporators available on different products. It is upon you to check on the size and take into consideration your given application before you can head out to order.

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2. Condenser

For the solvents to separate, you need to heat then condense the ingredients. The evaporator has a section where you can carry out the condensation process. So, just like any other parts of an evaporator, you should as well check out the availability of the condenser and its size.

A large size condenser can work well if you intend to apply the evaporator in big operations where you will have to carry out a lot of separation processes. The experts in the field have taken measures to incorporate the best materials in the manufacture of the evaporators. You can find the best which will assure excellent results.

3. Collecting vessel

After the ingredients have been passed through the condenser, you need to collect the products which have been produced. The condensers have been built to enhance the condensation process. It is upon you to check on the type of consolation you intend to carry out before you proceed to invest in the rotary evaporator. The evaporators are built to meet different specifications. You need to check on the specifications from where you can decide on the best way out.

4. Rotating sample

The name rotary is obtained from the working of a rotovap. It rotates as a way of mixing ingredients as they are heated. The rotating sample helps in maintaining the ingredients at a constant temperature as you heat them. You need to check out the general design of the evaporator before you can proceed to order. With a big rotating sample, you will accomplish big tasks fast in your daily evaporation process.

5. Distillation flask

The evaporation process aims at separating ingredients through distillation. There is a distillation flask provided which can speed up the process of cooling ingredients. You may have to check on the size of the distillation flask before you proceed to buy the cheap rotary evaporator.

Generally, a big distillation flask will cost you more. You need to take into consideration the size of the flask among other factors before you can proceed to order the ingredients.

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6. Chiller

Apart from the condenser unit, you may have some units which come with chillers. The chiller speeds up the condensation process. The units can have chillers of different sizes; it is upon you to take into consideration the size of the chiller you intend to have after checking on the specific requirements of your rotary evaporation process.

Types of Cheap Rotary Evaporator

There are several types of cheap rotary evaporators in the market. You will have to assess the different features available on the evaporators before you can head out to buy a given unit.

Here are common types of rotary evaporators:

1. Rotary Evaporator with Hand Lift

Rotary evaporator with hand lift is a cheap rotary evaporator which is small in size and you will use your hand to lift the unit and operate it. You will easily remove the condensate using your hands. It will not incorporate heavy parts which can make the whole process cumbersome.

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2. Rotary Evaporator with Motor Lift

Rotary evaporator with a motor lift is a unit that comes with a motor. With the cheap rotary evaporator with a motor, you can accomplish different evaporation processes fast. The unit has been built in such a way it makes it easy for you to operate. It is automated in such a way the motors will handle most of the lift work. It is a bit expensive when compared to the hand lift unit.

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The Price of Rotary Evaporator

The price of the cheap rotary evaporator can start from $1000 to more than $50,000. It depends on several factors. For example, the use of the evaporator, size among other factors. If you need a large evaporator, it will cost you more than small units.