WKIE LAB Industrial Rotovap

The rotovap also referred to as rotary evaporator belongs to the industrial apparatus used in chemical industries for separating solvents from samples. These units are highly preferred in such processes because they use gentle and smooth processes to ensure accurate results.

The Major Parts Equipped On the Industrial Rotavap

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  • The condenser

A condenser is a versatile part of the evaporator that works in both cooling hot gases and converting it to liquid. The condenser features a coil that is passed through the cold finger which acts as a coolant.

  • The collecting flask

The collecting disk is usually located at the bottom part of the condenser. The flask is used to collect the results or the solution formed at the condenser. The collecting flasks are designed in large sizes for efficient collection of all the results.

  • The motor

The motor just like in other units works to empower the whole rotary structure for functionality. In this case, the motor plays a role of converting the electrical power to a torque that is used to fuel the system.

  • The heating fluid bath

The heated bath is essential for heating the samples used in various experiments. The heated bath is made of sturdy and resistant materials that ensure it can withstand high pressure and heat as well. The material also ensures to distribute even heat around the bath for excellent heating of all the samples.

The Types of Industrial Rotovap and their Functions.

1. 20L Industrial Rotovap

20L industrial rotovap

The 20 L rotary evaporator is classified among the top best and most used evaporators for large scale industry. Due to its great parts and size, this evaporator works great in the removal of solvents from samples through the process of reducing the interior pressure, at a high boiling power. Some of the major areas that the 20 L rotavap is used include in chemistry and pharmacies.

The features of a 20 L rotavap

  • Transparent

Considering the rotavaps are used in experiments that involve risky and delicate steps, they are entirely made of transparent materials. Such material provides good visibility of the experiments going on and allows one to closely monitor the changes taking place in the reaction processes. This also enables one to decide the right reactants to use, the right samples and also the required heating time.

  • Large

A 20 Litre rotary evaporator is equipped with large parts for efficient working on large projects. The 20 Litre equals a 20-liter capacity and thus, such rotavap can be used for large experiments especially those that cannot fit in small tools like the test tubes.

  • Resistant to heat

The materials used to make this rotary evaporator are quite strong and resistant to heat damages. These rotavaps are made to withstand the samples with high reactant power and even explosive chemicals without getting damaged or exploding.

  • Quiet

Just like other heavy-duty Evaporators, the 20 L models are designed with a powerful yet quiet motor that ensures to offer the perfect heating functions without causing distractions around the lab. This makes it easy for different people to carry out experiments in the same lab without distracting each other.

2. 50 Litre Industrial Ratovap

50L rotovap

The 50l rotary evaporators are used in chemical labs for efficient removal of solvents from samples through the process of evaporation. This process of evaporation utilizes low boiling levels with the mixture heated at room temperatures and low pressure. The 50 L rotavaps are also used in the removal of soluble solvents from fluid compounds a process that involves evaporation. In this case, the soluble samples are heated at a relatively high boiling point at room temperatures and pressure.

The features of a 50L Ratovap

  • Large parts

This model is larger than the 20 l rotary evaporator. This size of rotavap is designed with a 50-liter evaporating disk that can hold large quantities of sample and the collecting disk is estimated to be around 20 Litres.

  • The rotary evaporator vacuum

The rotary vacuum on this rotavap under given conditions works to give the vacuum constant heat. The vacuum rotates at a speed whereby the collected liquid forms on a large section of the jar.

  • Utilizes high temperatures

The 50 L rotavap is highly recommended for use in biological or chemical samples that can easily collapse or explode when heated at high temperatures. This type of rotatory evaporator is highly utilized in concentration and purification processes.

  • Consist of polyethylene and flexible evaporators

The presence of these two parts ensures complete sealing and provides high vacuum in different processes. They also ensure enough and high adjustable rotating speed.

3. 100L Industrial Rotovap

100L industrial rotary evaporator

The 100 L rotavaps are hugely used in large firms for the manufacturing of products. The parts such as collecting flask and heating vacuum are relatively large to provide a large surface for the production of things like medicine, detergents among others.

The features of 100L rotavap

  • Works for heat resistant materials

The 100 L rotavaps are hugely recommendable for solvents that are resistant to high temperatures since it has parts that ensure constant and even heating. The device can be heated at constant heat and it also features a rotary film formation conditions that provide great cooling and recovery of solvents, especially those that are resistant to high heating levels.

  • Non-corrosive

Since these large units are used for multiple experiments; they are made of high-quality materials resistant to corrosion even when exposed to different chemicals. This makes it possible to carry out experiments using different materials using the same rotavap.

  • Easy to assemble

These rotavaps are packed in pieces due to their large sizes but, assembling the unit is easy since they are packed with a manual for guidance and the parts are straight forward.

  • Excellent sealing

The parts are tightly sealed to prevent leakage or even explosion when carrying out the experiments. The excellent sealing of the parts allows one to expand the size of the unit when carrying out experiments that require different accessories.

The Applications of Industrial Rotovap

The rotary evaporators have a wide range of applications in various industries. They are used for the following purposes;

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Extract solvent

The major application of the rotavap is in the extraction of solvents from various samples and solutions. The rotavap works by distributing the solution formed as a thin film to the vacuum. Then ones the temperature elevates and the pressure goes down, the solvents separate from the solution forming at the base of the flask.

Mix the reactants

There is no better unit to use in mixing your reactants other than the rotavap. The rotary evaporators are designed with heated bath used for mixing the different reactants required for an experiment. The parts of the rotary evaporator such as the heated bath, vacuum, and the flask are made of sturdy and durable materials that provide enough space for reactants to heat at high or low heat and pressure without damaging the parts. This in return makes it possible to mix any type of samples in the rotavap.

Helps in recycling

Some of the materials used in experiments can be recycled after use and this is where the rotary evaporator comes in. The unit collects all the solvents and traps them on the vacuum whereby it collects them for later reuse. Thus, these units save time and resources since you can use the same samples for more than one experiment.

Used in pharmaceutical industries

The ability of the rotary evaporator to handle large quantities of samples and ingredients that other ordinary apparatus cannot handle makes them perfect for manufacturing medicine. The units also help to control the heat and the pressure to ensure the excellent formation of results to enhance the efficiency of the used reactants.


Rotavap is one of the most versatile and reliable working apparatus when it comes to large industrial productions. They come in different sizes that range from 5 to 100 or more liter capacity. The large capacity rotavaps are used in manufacturing industries and large learning institutes for carrying out different chemical and biological experiments.

The above-discussed WKIE LAB rotavaps are quite reliable in the production of different products; like medicine, detergents and for use in research institutes. They are made of high-quality materials and parts that are resistant to rust or corrosion even when used with high reactants.