Heidolph Rotary Evaporator

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Heidolph Instrument is a company known to utilize the latest technology in its laboratory equipment manufacturing. They are known to produce top quality laboratory equipment such as Heidolph rotary evaporator.

Industries from different parts of the world have preferences when it comes to the choice of laboratory equipment. The company is known to make top quality products which meet the needs of different manufacturers. They are fully established to take orders and manufacture top quality evaporators after which they supply them to different laboratories across the world. They have a wide range of products.

Hot Models of Heidolph Rotary Evaporators

1. Hei-Vap Core Rotovap

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It is a high-performance evaporator which features a clear digital display. With the clear display, experiments can be easily monitored. Use of high-quality glasses makes the evaporators among the best in the industry. Other features which make the evaporator stand out is the rotating speed. Researchers can adjust the rotation speed to meet their specific needs.

Lock function

There is a lock function which you can utilize to prevent ingredients from mixing. The manufacturers have taken necessary measures to ensure the evaporator meets the needs of many industries. Easy to adjust the inclination angle allows for easy experiment control. When it comes to providing top quality evaporator, the company is known to offer top quality products. They are among few providers of laboratory products who will never let you down.

Hand and motor lift designs

The evaporators are available in two designs. You can go for the motor lift or opt for the hand lift. The company has taken the steps to avail all the different lift functions as a way of availing a wide range of products to the market. It is among the few manufacturers who make top quality evaporators.

2. Hei-Vap Expert Rotovap

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It is another top-quality evaporator from Heidolph. The evaporator comes with features such as the touch display control. It is a reliable evaporator which works well when undertaking different types of experiments. You can apply it to realize the precise control of the experiments. The different features incorporated in the evaporator make it a great addition to any laboratory. For example, it comes with features such as direct vacuum control. The direct knobs allow for quick control

Different evaporations mechanism allows for easy control of a wide range of chemical reactions. For example, you can apply for a dynamic or auto accurate program. Use of the latest technology in making the evaporator makes it preferred by many laboratories.

USB and Micro SD Interface make it easy to install the software. Some experiments are software controlled. The evaporator is designed in such way it makes it easy to control the experiment after installing software through ten USB interfaces.

3. Hei-Vap Ultimate Rotovap

It is another unit you can rely on to realize the best results in your control measures. It comes with features such as the central operating panel with touchscreen capability. Separate knobs allow for precise controls. LED rings allow you to have a clear pictogram as the experiment progresses. The evaporator has a USB and micro SD interface to allow you to carry out software-controlled experiments.