Different Types of Reactors Used in Chemical Process Industries

As demand for various industrial chemicals increases, many industry leaders are recommending companies to acquire more reactors. However, considering that there are so many different types of reactors available for chemical processing, lots of executives and managers are being left confused. Deciding between possible acquisitions is incredibly tricky, especially when one doesn’t have sufficient knowledge about what separates good reactors from the bad. With this in mind, here’s how to choose between different types of reactors used in chemical process industries.

How to Choose Between Different Types of Reactors Used in Chemical Process Industries?

different types of reactors used in chemical process industries

One of the most significant costs that businesses in the industry face are installation costs. If you’re looking for a wise investment in regard to reactors, you should choose something that has low installation costs. Judging by recent models of these machines, you’ll notice that many flashier versions have very high costs of installation. If your current business operations do not warrant new and trendy features, then you shouldn’t make the extra effort to get these machines. Instead, you should focus on reactors that have low costs for installation, lowering the total pressure inflicted upon your balance sheet.

In addition to installation costs, another large cost to account for is maintenance costs. Throughout the sector, reports suggests that maintenance and repair costs are eating into a large chunk of income statements from various reputable companies. Hence, when it comes to something as expensive as reactors for chemical processing, you should choose a machine that’s noted for having low maintenance fees. Low maintenance fees will keep your income statement looking robust and healthy throughout all the highs and lows of demand.

Although maintenance and installation costs are important to account for during the acquiring process, you must also look into the history of the manufacturer. Different manufacturers of chemical processing reactors have varying levels of reputation within the sector. You don’t want to end up with reactors produced by a manufacturer that’s notorious within the industry. In order to gain ultimate peace of mind with the acquisition, it’s always best to choose a trusted producer that has a long history of producing high-quality machinery. Although going with a trusted name might cost a little bit more, in terms of money saved via having a reliable reactor, it’s a reasonable choice.

On top of manufacturer reputation, you should also look into the logistics of how you’ll have the reactor delivered to your place of business. Sometimes, companies like to offset some of the initial cost of their reactors into their shipping and handling fees. Hence, you’ll end up with a reactor that seems comparatively cheap compared to others in the sector, when in reality you’ll end up paying around the same after shipping. Whenever dealing with producers of these machines, you should always get the correct figures in relation to shipping and logistics. You don’t want to end up like some other businesses in the sector that have paid millions for new machinery only to have the order arrive weeks to months later than originally agreed. Shipping and logistics is an important facet of choosing a reactor that isn’t worth overlooking.