WKIE LAB Chemical Glass Reactor Price

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WKIE LAB chemical glass reactor

What Is A Chemical Glass Reactor?

A chemical glass reactor is a standard operational vessel used in various industries. Some of the areas the reactor glasses are used at include in the dissolution of solid chemicals, chemical reactions, batch distillation, extraction, and even polymerization. The chemical glass reactors come in different designs and models to fit in different chemical reaction processes. A typical chemical glass reactor has an agitator, and an integrated cooling and heating system. The glass reactors come in different sizes, which range from 50 ml up to 1000 liters and even more.

How Does WKIE LAB Chemical Glass Reactor Work?

The glass reactor consists of a connection or opening at the top where the chemicals are fed through. After the heating process takes place, the reacted chemicals are collected at the bottom of the vessel. The chemical glass reactor consists of transparent design such that you can view the process taking place for easy monitoring of the chemical reaction process. The vessels are also versatile hence can be used to carry out more than one experiment without any contamination. The majority of the glass reactors are non-corrosive such that regardless of the type of chemicals you use, they cannot quickly get destroyed.

The Features of WKIE LAB Chemical Glass Reactor

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1. Universal highly, non- corrosive

One of the features that stand out in the chemical glass reactors is that they are highly no- corrosive. Regardless of the number of experiments or chemicals used with this apparatus, they do not corrode. The glass reactors are coated with a blue lining to prevents their surfaces from coming to contact with the vapor from the used chemicals. The added thin coating on the glass prevents the produced moisture or condensation from condensing on the surface on the glass. Note that corrosion can also occur if there is an alkaline reaction in the glass.

2. Versatility

The chemical glass reactors are widely used in various industries because they can be used in many experiments. The glass reactors have a wide range of applications and can be used to create different kinds of chemicals without interfering with the intended results.

3. Ease to clean

Any chemical glass reactor should take a few minutes to clean off the chemicals after or before using it for an experiment. The glasses are coated with a thin lining that prevents the chemicals from sticking on the surfaces of the vessels, thus making it easy to clean off any residuals. The glass reactors also empty to ensure there is less cleaning to be done.

4. Transparent

All the glass reactors are made with transparent glass material. This is to ensure that one can easily monitor and make an observation of the most critical detail, such as the color changes, and the aggregation state of the used chemicals.

5. Complete catalytic inertness

This feature on the chemical glass reactors helps to prevent the used materials from influencing the reaction taking place in the vessel.

The Specifications of WKIE Lab Glass Reactor

Reaction Volume(L)5L10L20L50L100L200L
Jacket Volume(L)2L5L8L12L18L25L
Reactor MaterialHigh quality borosilicate 3.3 glass
Support Frame MaterialStainless steel 304 and coated aluminum
Neck No. On Lid56
Rated. torque(N.cm)140177177177285550
Motor power(W)90120120120200370
Rotating speed(rpm)0 ~ 600 (customizable)
Power supply220V or 110V / 50-60HZ
DischargePTFE (Teflon) bottom discharge valve with no deadspace
Pressure RangeFull vacuum to atmosphere
Max jacket pressure0.5 bar

The Benefits of WKIE LAB Chemical Glass Reactor

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1. Easy observation

The chemical reaction requires close monitoring and inspection so one can be able to see the changes occurring on the chemicals. The chemical glass reactors offer this since they are made with a transparent material that allows one to see through for easy observation.

2. Convenient in cleaning

The glass reactors are designed in a way that prevents the chemical residuals from sticking on the surface for easy cleaning.

3. Wide range of temperatures and pressure

The chemical glass reactors are made to withstand different heating levels. The used chemicals require a different heating point to achieve the necessary reactions. Thus, most of the reactor glasses feature a sturdy design that can withstand even high heating points. For example, you can use the same glass when carrying out an experiment involving both liquid and solid chemicals. The same case goes for pressure rates. The chemical glass reactors can withstand high pressures employed when working on different chemicals

4. Versatile in use

There is no limit to the kind of application you can carry out with the chemical glass reactors. There are a variety of applications to carry out with the glass reactors such as condensation, evaporation, and many others.

5. Highly non- corrosive

The chemical glass reactors are highly resistant to the acidic, like hydrochloric acid, and base chemicals used in the industrial experiments.

6. Flexible

One can easily add or remove heat to the batch when working with the vessels.

WKIE LAB Chemical Glass Reactor Price

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You may wonder how much it will cost for such a high-quality WKIE LAB chemical glass reactor. In fact, although our products are produced according to the highest industry standard, we have our own special patented technology, which helps us low the cost of production a lot. Therefore, you can always get WKIE LAB fantastic chemical glass reactor at a reasonable price.

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The Applications of Chemical Glass Reactor

As seen earlier, the chemical glass reactors are quite useful in industries for manufacturing different materials and chemicals. The glass reactors are highly used for carrying out chemical reactions whereby it aids in regulating the heat and the pressure used in the reaction processes. The glass reactor helps to either increase or reduce the number of temperature and strength needed in carrying out a given process.

WKIE LAB glass reactor applications

1. Mixing

This is the industrial process where two or more chemical ingredients are mixed to form a final product. In most cases, mixing involves the use of acid and base materials.

2. Evaporation

Evaporation is the industrial process where the liquid is heated at high heat and low pressure to form gas or vapour. The glass reactor is used in the evaporation process since it prevents the formed gas from getting saturated with the used substances.

3. Cooling

The glass reactors help in the cooling process of the chemicals since it can adjust to both high and low heats and pressure. Therefore, one can control the amount of heat required to cool down the chemicals after a reaction.

4. Condensation

This is the process that occurs as a result of the gas changing back to the liquid form. The chemical glass reactor is used in this process by lowering the temperatures and increasing the pressure. In most cases, the glass reactor is used in the distillation processes that involve the condensation process.

5. Heating

The chemical glass reactor can be used to heat both liquid and solid chemicals when performing different experiments. The glass makes it easy to either increase or reduce the required heat when working with different materials.


WKIE LAB chemical glass reactor are widely used in various industrial sectors for manufacturing chemical products and materials at a reasonable price. They come in different sizes and models to use in different chemical manufacturing industries. With it, your chemical experiment will be simplified a lot.

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